in which I am apologetic

Dear lovelies:
I am sorry. My blog hasn't been this neglected, in, well, weeks I suppose. Even now I keep trying to pull myself away from the computer to spend time with le husband, and I keep thinking of just one more thing that needs to happen tonight. Projects right now include:
  • first ever boudoir shoot happened on Saturday. Um, luscious. I wish I could share the images, and maybe a few, eventually. For now, trust me on this one: fantastico.
  • I'm trying to coordinate a Help-Portrait event in our area on December 4. Which happens to be the day before we drive down to Key West for a week. Lots of details, and I've really no idea what I'm doing.
  • Headed to Ohio this week for Thanksgiving. Yay for time with J's family! We actually are celebrating again on Sunday when we get back with MY family, and have I mentioned that they are all fantastic cooks? Which bodes well for swimsuit-wearing, let me tell you.
  • Actually taking vacation in about two weeks. WooOOOoooo! This is kinda a big deal, because for J and I to take off time from work and NOT spend it with family, um, never happens. The overnight trip to NYC this year? That was the last time it happened. And the last time we spent multiple nights away from home just relaxing? Three years ago. Oh yes. (Thankfully my camera has improved since then. And my skills behind it.)
  • Oh! If you don't follow me on facebook or twitter you won't have seen this: the photographer posted some pictures from my sister's wedding and they're AMAZING. Lovelove. I really need to do a post about all the awesome that went into that shindig, but let me just say: the most expensive part of her outfit were the perfect shoes. And no, they didn't come that color. Dye, baby.
  • Coming tomorrow on my photography blog: a photo shoot for attack cat band that I am SUPER excited about and can finally share. YES.
Erg. I'm sorry this is so disjointed, my dears. Hopefully things will fall into place this week. Or, you know, not. It's all good.


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