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that is all, carry on.


Bets said…
I'm kind of torn about that message. Although I can see it being important for some people, I know that for me I had to overcome the idea that I had to be extraordinary so I wasn't robbed of the chance to enjoy a plain and simple happy life. There's an idea that contentment means settling for less that I think is only really true in a few situations and sets up a lot of other people to spend their lives turning down happiness in an endless search for new adventure.
VDOprincess said…
I definitely see your perspective, bets, and see how this idea could be a stumbling block to some people. I don't think, however, that striving for more precludes the enjoyment of where we are NOW. In fact, to me, they both need to be happening in order for my life to feel balanced.
Maybe that's the key? Balance?
Anonymous said…
When pooping.

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