I may have mentioned last week that I'm working on organizing my life? Well, one of the major parts of THAT project is going through and winnowing down my fabric collection. I'm giving some of it to my sisters, some to my grandparents, some to my friends. But some, dear readers, I'm giving to you. I picked out some pretty unique pieces of vintage fabric that I know I'm just not going to use any time soon, and you can have them for the asking.
So here's the deal. All I need you to do is 1) post on your blog about the giveaway (so other people can join if they want!) and 2) comment here letting me know that you've done so. In your comment let me know which set of fabric you're MOST interested in. I'm going to draw names, and hopefully it will work out from there. I'm going to leave it up for a week, and draw names next thursday night.
1. These are my two favorite pieces, I think. The grey is a cotton curtain, so maybe a yard and a half. The green and gold is a synthetic, slightly stiff, at least three yards worth.

2. The brown/blue/gold on the left is a synthetic, slightly shiny, maybe 2.5 yards? On the right, it's a golf print, about three yards, cotton, lightweight.

3. Ok, the green florals on the left? Actually a set of six all-cotton napkins with a serged edge. The stripes on the right, also all cotton, are printed onto a lightweight twill, about a yard and a half.

4. This is a pretty crazy hot pink printed corduroy, cotton, a solid four yards. There is a bit of moth damaged about 18 inches from one end; should be fairly easy to cut around.

5. These two are synthetic jerseys, and they're gorgeous, and I should really make a dress for my redheaded sister out of them. They're darker than they appear in the photo, btw. The one on the left is dark mallard, the one on the right intense peacock green. At least two yards of each.

And that's it. Fire away!


Nell said…
I posted about you here:

I like the green print and stripe. Good for you for making the tough choices about what you will and won't use. One of my goals is to simplify my life and let go of the STUFF!
Drea said…
Shared here:

They're all gorgeous, but I rather favor #5 with the synthetic jersey fabric.

It seems to be the theme this year for simplification and organization, I might have to join in with the latter at least. It'll be interesting to see how it all works out.
i let the world know here:

I totally dig #2. i'm currently making a array of stuff of a ladies conference that i will have a table at in march. i can see wonderful things happening with the fabric ;)

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