on being organized

So...while I've been looking at this slow time, I'm attempting to organize my house. Right now I just have too much stuff, and I need to get rid of it. (With any luck, you all will be beneficiaries.) So when a friend of mine started a challenge of one year to a more organized life, I decided to join. Our places in life are pretty different: she's a full-time stay at home mom with four children who's also trying to homeschool and run a small business. I work two jobs and have two pets and that's it. (HOW THE HECK DOES SHE DO IT???) But she's taking things in baby steps, and that's about all I can handle. I'm really bad about tackling too much at once and getting overwhelmed, but I know for a fact that I cannot handle the way things fall apart in the summer around here. I need to have things organized and categorized so that maintenance is a habit and I can waste less time playing catch up.
So. Here goes. This week's challenge: determine your bare minimum each day and DO IT.
My bare minimum is:
:: do all the dishes every day. Leave the kitchen clean each night. (I HATE doing dishes.)
:: do one load of laundry each day
:: keep my bedroom floor clean
:: keep my bathroom sink clean

That's all I'm trying to cover now. I'll add, maybe, as these things become habit.


Brenners said…
First, your blog header is gorgeous! I'm a big fan of white space that emphasizes the good stuffs. And your gorgeous pic is def. good stuff. :)

Second, I've nothing to be admired. I don't know how women who work full time do it. If I were gone all day, I wouldn't want to do anything AT ALL when I came home.

Thanks so much for joining my organizing adventure. I'm really hoping coming public will keep me accountable, cause I'm naturally lazy.

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