Finally! Something for the home instead of the closet! In many of the home styling magazines I've been seeing lovely, simple, patterned wall treatments that all seemed to be wallpaper, and wondering if it's possible to paint your own walls for the same effect. Well, thanks to Something Old, Something New now it looks remotely possible. She posted links to two different stencil companies that have beautiful designs, but both are in the UK. Here are a couple of my favorites. The first two are from The Stencil Library and the second two are from Henry Donovan Motif.

I tried to find similar products available in the US, but so far I've been unsuccessful. I did find a pretty cool bamboo pattern (imagine it in pale gray against a light blue background) and a fern that could be striking, but at this point the majority of American stenciling seems to focus on either country, cutesy, or "grand" all-over, damask-esqe effects. So. Not. Me.


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