two books and a meme

Over at megnut Michael Ruhlman (author of The Making of a Chef) is guest blogging this week. If you've never read any of his work, you've missed out. I think I've read most of his books about food, and enjoyed them tremendously. Of course, I'm a sucker for food books.
Speaking of which, I'm currently working on Heat by Bill Buford. So far it's fascinating, but see above disclaimer.
Ok, for the meme. What one word do you think describes me? Answer in the comments and I'll either respond on your blog (if you post the meme) or respond in the comments.
I'm sorry this post is so short; my smashing headache and extreme fatigue from a very full weekend are not conducive to witty repartee. Or even coherent sentences.


Porkchop said…
Sigh. I do wish I had such acess to wonderful books. That's the part of your job I'm jealous of.
vdoprincess said…
I know for a fact that the Wicomico library has both of the mentioned books, and the Sussex system probably does. With the library only two blocks away, you really can make it there during business hours, I promise!
But yes, working around all these books is decidedly a perk.
Heather said…
I think a good word to describe you (from what little I know so far) is ADVENTUROUS! You are seemingly not afraid to try new things or combinations and I really admire that!

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