Brilliant things

  • I received a package in the mail yesterday from the always-lovely Bekah containing vintage goodies, including this super-cool cameo necklace that I can't wait to wear.
  • Speaking of vintage, if you're a fan you need to check out frecklewonder. She always has completely adorable stuff, modeled by her own very cute self.
  • I had the best party idea ever last night: an ice cream tasting party. There's a ton of local ice cream shops around here; I think it would be great fun to pick up pints of different flavors from different places, maybe add a couple of the "premium" brands, and do blind taste testing with little score cards and everything. Wouldn't that be a blast?
  • Highly suggested: Akeelah and the Bee. If it's still playing in your area, it's entirely appropriate for the whole family. Smaller children probably won't follow it, but everyone from there on up should. The only movie I've ever seen where the whole theatre burst out cheering at the triumphant ending.
  • Have a good weekend! That's the most brilliant bit of all.


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