proof that orange isn't an entirely hideous color

Sunday, June 18 The last time we went home, I took this dress, because it's currently one of my favorites. I feel exotic and feminine when I wear it. And comfy. (On that point, it violates the "if it doesn't hurt, it's probably not worth wearing" rule. But I think it's mentally painful enough to make up for it.) So anyway, this is my wonderful Father's Day Sunday outfit. It's going to be a rather long day (who knows if we'll make it back to the apartment before tonight's church) so I wanted something that would look pretty all day long without fuss. Oh, and something cool. It's finally gotten warm out here! Hooray! Anyway, enough rambling.
Dress: Vintage (Village Discount Outlet, I think)
Shoes: thrifted
Necklace: department store
sunglasses: Ross'
Don't forget to hug your dad today!


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