why not to talk when a camera is pointed in your direction

the pycho shepherdess effect Because it distracts from the highly impressive model strut. (And yes, those are five-inch heels. Strutting in them is an extreme accompishment.) This was worn Sunday night. I have no pictures of my Sunday morning attire--suffice it to say that opinions were mixed. Some people (mostly older) loved it, thinking it was beautiful and glamourous. Others, mostly younger, decided it made me look fat/pregnant/like a rug. Whatever. I liked it, so there.
So anyway, for this outfit I was doing the layered skirts thing again. Wearing white skirts is a tricky business--even if it's fully lined you have to be sure that you're not going to be transparent if you stand against the light. Hence the piled-up skirts. I always feel like an ersatz shepherdess when I do this, so I add tall shoes to prevent an unintentional stumpifying effect.
White skirts: both from Gadzooks
Black shirt: gap
white belt: taken off my white eyelet Express dress
white sunglasses: wet seal
white bangles: ebay
black shoes: Marshall's


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