you know those days when you don't hit the ground running quite fast enough?

if you don't want anyone to notice that you didn't have time to wash your hair Yeah, this was one of those. And seriously--if you don't want people to notice that you're hair isn't washed, wear cool shoes. They completely will not notice. Millions of errands today, including shipping birthday package off to the Madre and a Shakespeare performance tonight. Hooray for wedge heels that are comfy all day long!
Red sweater: Ann Taylor Outlet
White belt: Express
Jeans: Gabriel brothers
Shoes: ebay
strange abandoned road: it's a long, long story.


confession: sometimes you watch movies just for the clothes

Or at least I do. Movies like "The Devil Wears Prada." I won't drag Mr. Man to it, but I definitely want to see it.

why I don't dance in public

four years of ballet lessons and this is the best I can do?
Because apparently all my ballet training has deserted me. Although I guess that will happen after 12 years.
Shirt: Gadzooks
Skirt: Gadzooks
Messy bed: Not sure. I swear I make that thing almost every day!

a cool little dealybob

This applet takes a website address and makes these lovely, organic-looking graphs that make me think of queen-anne's lace. The image above is of this blog.


on knitting lace

So I tried to make this pattern from knitty.com, and it was a glorious failure, at least at first. After a few practice rows, I got the technique (I think) but the pattern still wasn't showing. So I switched yarns, switched needles, pulled out my favorite knitting book and switched patterns, and still wasn't coming up with the loose, lacy look that I wanted. Can anyone help me out here? Are there any lace-knitting tricks I should know?

two things, quickly

Because I really should be cleaning my apartment, not posting loveliness.
- iPod as jewelry?. It does look super-cool, but I'm not sure I would want to use it.
- Only Human actually looks quite charming, in that way that only people with dysfunctional familes can understand.


lovely idea

For a last minute gift or tossing in with a package, MollyChicken has a simple tutorial on fabric brooches. This is a woman after my own heart--note step three of directions. I do think I'll have to make up some of these...wouldn't they be fun pinned on the outside of gifts? (She also has directions for the cutest panda ever, and I think DarthFredd is going to get one of these, like it or not.)

strange things people apparently really do buy on ebay


why not to talk when a camera is pointed in your direction

the pycho shepherdess effect Because it distracts from the highly impressive model strut. (And yes, those are five-inch heels. Strutting in them is an extreme accompishment.) This was worn Sunday night. I have no pictures of my Sunday morning attire--suffice it to say that opinions were mixed. Some people (mostly older) loved it, thinking it was beautiful and glamourous. Others, mostly younger, decided it made me look fat/pregnant/like a rug. Whatever. I liked it, so there.
So anyway, for this outfit I was doing the layered skirts thing again. Wearing white skirts is a tricky business--even if it's fully lined you have to be sure that you're not going to be transparent if you stand against the light. Hence the piled-up skirts. I always feel like an ersatz shepherdess when I do this, so I add tall shoes to prevent an unintentional stumpifying effect.
White skirts: both from Gadzooks
Black shirt: gap
white belt: taken off my white eyelet Express dress
white sunglasses: wet seal
white bangles: ebay
black shoes: Marshall's


perfect outfit for going out with the husband

devil in a red dress
Dress: vintage
black capris: thrifted
black shoes: marshall's
purse: vintage
necklace: gift from bekah (vintage!)
ribbon: fabric store

Brilliant things

  • I received a package in the mail yesterday from the always-lovely Bekah containing vintage goodies, including this super-cool cameo necklace that I can't wait to wear.
  • Speaking of vintage, if you're a fan you need to check out frecklewonder. She always has completely adorable stuff, modeled by her own very cute self.
  • I had the best party idea ever last night: an ice cream tasting party. There's a ton of local ice cream shops around here; I think it would be great fun to pick up pints of different flavors from different places, maybe add a couple of the "premium" brands, and do blind taste testing with little score cards and everything. Wouldn't that be a blast?
  • Highly suggested: Akeelah and the Bee. If it's still playing in your area, it's entirely appropriate for the whole family. Smaller children probably won't follow it, but everyone from there on up should. The only movie I've ever seen where the whole theatre burst out cheering at the triumphant ending.
  • Have a good weekend! That's the most brilliant bit of all.


Thursday, June 22

Wednesday, June 22 (actually I'm showing off the new haircut)
Hooray second day of summer! I'm finally feeling well enough to a) care about how I look and b) take pictures of it.
Dress: Ann Taylor Outlet
Sweater: thrifted
Poor, overused ribbon: fabric store
sandals: gift
haircut: Aleece


steal a deal

Call me spoiled, but I hate paper napkins. Growing up we used fabric napkins at all times, so now when I have to wipe my fingers on a shred of papper and it disintegrates at my touch I feel a little stirring of disgust. Much of my married life seems to have been spent accumulating enough cloth napkins (matching or not) so that everyone can have one when we throw parties. These "anyday" napkins could have saved me a ton of trouble! Currently available from CB2 in sets of 4 for $6.95. 100% cotton, your choice of five colors.


Finally! Something for the home instead of the closet! In many of the home styling magazines I've been seeing lovely, simple, patterned wall treatments that all seemed to be wallpaper, and wondering if it's possible to paint your own walls for the same effect. Well, thanks to Something Old, Something New now it looks remotely possible. She posted links to two different stencil companies that have beautiful designs, but both are in the UK. Here are a couple of my favorites. The first two are from The Stencil Library and the second two are from Henry Donovan Motif.

I tried to find similar products available in the US, but so far I've been unsuccessful. I did find a pretty cool bamboo pattern (imagine it in pale gray against a light blue background) and a fern that could be striking, but at this point the majority of American stenciling seems to focus on either country, cutesy, or "grand" all-over, damask-esqe effects. So. Not. Me.


two books and a meme

Over at megnut Michael Ruhlman (author of The Making of a Chef) is guest blogging this week. If you've never read any of his work, you've missed out. I think I've read most of his books about food, and enjoyed them tremendously. Of course, I'm a sucker for food books.
Speaking of which, I'm currently working on Heat by Bill Buford. So far it's fascinating, but see above disclaimer.
Ok, for the meme. What one word do you think describes me? Answer in the comments and I'll either respond on your blog (if you post the meme) or respond in the comments.
I'm sorry this post is so short; my smashing headache and extreme fatigue from a very full weekend are not conducive to witty repartee. Or even coherent sentences.

an invaluable resource

A national thrift store directory. How cool is that? It looks like they're still working on building it, but there was at least one that I didn't know about.


proof that orange isn't an entirely hideous color

Sunday, June 18 The last time we went home, I took this dress, because it's currently one of my favorites. I feel exotic and feminine when I wear it. And comfy. (On that point, it violates the "if it doesn't hurt, it's probably not worth wearing" rule. But I think it's mentally painful enough to make up for it.) So anyway, this is my wonderful Father's Day Sunday outfit. It's going to be a rather long day (who knows if we'll make it back to the apartment before tonight's church) so I wanted something that would look pretty all day long without fuss. Oh, and something cool. It's finally gotten warm out here! Hooray! Anyway, enough rambling.
Dress: Vintage (Village Discount Outlet, I think)
Shoes: thrifted
Necklace: department store
sunglasses: Ross'
Don't forget to hug your dad today!


looks that I currently like and my husband barely tolerates

As in, he won't give me an opinion on an outfit if any of these elements is part of it.

  • Horizontal stripes, especially black and white
  • Bubble skirts
  • Dresses over jeans or pants
  • Pointy-toed shoes


I have a bubble skirt. Finally. Two months ago I saw it at Target, loved it, and wanted it, but I couldn't justify the purchase price. So yesterday, when I saw it for $5? Well, let's just say I now own not only the skirt, but a black dress with bubble hemline. I'm really liking bubbles. Not the extreme ones, but the softly poufy ones, just full enough to be different without losing their femininity. They're full, which makes them easy to walk in, and (this one, anyway) has a wide waistband that rides at my waist, thereby preventing the Great Divide Syndrome.
Bubble hemlines were on many runways this spring, so, yes, I'm a bit behind the times, but I just love this look.
From left: Laundry by Shelli Segal, Diane von Furstenburg, Norma Kamali
For something in a more affordable price range, Target has the aforementioned black bubble dress, Macy's has a fun floral bubble skirt, Overstock.com has a simple blue bubble, and from SmartBargains.com, a very fun coral print strapless bubble dress.


Homage to Jane Austen

Friday, June 15 Running errands day!
tank: gadzooks
dress: thrifted
jeans: Gap
sandals: gift from sister
ribbon: fabric store
cup: starbucks
Distortion: caused by weird lens (also causing the odd proportions on my face)


what I wore Wednesday, June 14

Wednesday, May 14 Blazer: gift from mother-in-law
white tank: thrifted
denim skirt: wal-mart (!)
black sandals: gift from sister
necklaces: claire's
pink mug: starbucks
poochy tummy: caused by the pose, I hope

every girl needs her own Uzi

$25 from Daughters of Affluence


good things

Since I can't post at work (cookie issues!) I'll just dump all the things I've been wanting to share all day. Basically we have a conglomeration of lovely things that I can't use.
Gorgeous vintage croc heels. Lovely lines on these.
Snakeskin heels I would completely buy if they weren't too narrow.
Any four pairs of vintage shoes from The Treasure Vault. It looks like they have some very cute smaller sizes from the forties and fifties.
Threadless is having a $10 sale for the next couple of days. Good time to stock up.
$10 Beatles tee from Fred Flare
Flower trim Jersey dress from Forever21. Wear it with a pair of metallic sandals for dressy, flat brown ones for casual, and it will work for just about any occaision.
A bunch more online sales.

potato salad with horseradish

potato salad We tried this for the first time tonight, and both loved it. A punchy take on an old classic, sure to clean out the sinuses. You may want to adjust the amount of horseradish if you don't want it super-spicy. I added the sausage to make it a meal in a dish; you might want to try it with shredded chicken or cubed ham instead.
This was modified from Good Day for A Picnic. This is the second recipe I've loved from that book; I may have to break down and buy a copy!
1 lb potatoes, peeled and cut in chunks
1/2 C frozen peas, thawed
3 TBL prepared horseradish
3 TBL mayonaise
3 TBL yogurt
8 oz kielbasa or other summer-type sausage
1 TBL chopped fresh parsley
Salt and pepper to taste
Boil potatoes. Combine remaining ingredients. Add cooked drained potatoes, adjust seasonings. Serve warm or cold.


what I wore Sunday, June 11

what I wore sunday, June 11
Dress: vintage (my favorite dress ever!)
Jacket: gift from Mom-in-Law
Pearls: the usual (from Dept. store)
Ribbon: fabric store
Shoes: Marshall's
Sorry this is such a bad angle.


a shamefaced confession

I've been a very vocal opponent to the current trend of legging-wearing. Maybe it's because Sienna Miller wears them so often, maybe it's because the denim mini/legging combination is so cliched, maybe it's because they have an amazing people to make small people look even stumpier. Whatever the reason, I'm beginning to rethink my stance. No worries! I shall not be wearing them any time soon! But I have seen some instances (not this or this) where they look quite charming. So I present to you a selection of quirky outfits where leggings are worn with charm, panache, and above all--creativity.


treasures from the weekend

While home this weekend, Porkchop and I went antique hunting. We never made it up to my absolute favorite store, Millsboro Antique Bazaar (we were tired and had already spent enough money), but we did stop by the Georgetown Antique Market to poke around. All these pictures were taken there.
random antiques
First Row, L-R: A lovely set of tins; vintage hat; polka-dotted salt-and-pepper shakers
Second Row: A large basket of gloves; curious rug; rack or mirrored trays
Third Row: Old flour sacks; ice bucket; toy water tower
Fourth Row: dressing table accoutrements; vintage wrapping paper


wondrous treasures

I just unpacked a bag of things my mum sent home with me this trip, and found three lovely vintage slips, as well as a vintage brassiere. What loveliness! I can't wait to find an excuse to wear them out (as dresses). Maybe our next date night? The floral print at the top is a closeup of my new vintage fabric purchased off ebay--$7 for three yards, and it turned out to be sixty inches wide. I can hardly wait to sew it into a lovely, full-skirted summer dress.
such richness!


my linkshake brings all the boys to the yard

  • the shoes I'm going to buy to celebrate my first paycheck
  • Working in the library, I'm not allowed to wear sleeveless, so I'm being tempted by lots of tops. (Sadly, no writing allowed.)
  • I just finished this, and it's definitely worth the time to read it.
  • Coveting: this shirt. In the catalog they have it over knee-length khaki shorts and with a wide belt. I WANT.

Coming soon, I promise: pictures from the trip home.