you knew that at SOME point I actually had to make a post, right?

We just weren't sure how long it would take. So I bring you...randomness.
  • I want to knit this scarf. Maybe even in that yarn, if I could actually wear yellow next to my face. Which I can't. But I do want to try the malabrigo; I've heard it's luciously soft.
  • On the subject of yellow: I don't know what started my obsession, but I've convinced myself that I want a bright gold-yellow skirt made out of dotted swiss. Finding the fabric in the perfect shade is proving tricky, though. Maybe I'll try dyeing?
  • I love these dresses and now want to either thrift or make one.
  • Fire out of the fireplace! Pyros, take notice.
  • Oooooooo. Lovely pictures. I'm admiring the intense colors.
  • This isn't even a real website but I want to print it out and hang it on my inspiration wall. The gold jacket? Perfect.
  • sudden sharp intake of breath
  • So much better than a slipcover. I really want to try this.
  • Charming fabrics. And the best part? The line is called "lightening bugs." Loves it!


ambika said…
I'm truly convinced this site will be my downfall. I'm going to overwhelm myself trying to reupholster chairs, knitting scarves, and trying to sew dresses. When I collapse, they'll hear me muttering, 'That web site made me do it.'

Seriously, tho, lovely finds.
vintagechica said…
You and I both! If I managed to try HALF of what I want to....I would be superwoman. Ah, well, that's what retirement is for, right???

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