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You do realize that yesterday was a federal holiday, right? And since I'm officially a state employee I had the whole day off. I nearly peed myself when I heard; I've NEVER had a job with these randomly paid holidays. So I spent the day sleeping in and hanging out with le sister-in-law. Which meant, of course, that we went thriftstoring. Among the deliciousness I acquired was a fabulous black net hat, a cream mohair tam, and not one but TWO coats, both...bright yellow. And one is vintage leather. How awesome is that? I can't believe I bought it (it was $20, and that's a lot for me to pay for anything) but it was so incredibly perfect I couldn't help it. Don't worry, pictures coming soon.
So tonight I'm off to SnB. I'll get a picture post up later, though, I promise.


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