you know sometimes you have those outfits you just love?

the hat that makes everyone smile This one was like that for me. I liked this outfit. Everyone I met liked this outfit. Random patrons complimented me on this outfit (always reassuring, you know). Confession: this outfit was a response to the fact that I only had one pair of clean tights. Seriously--all the rest were swirling around in the washer, so I had to wear red. And I had to make them match somehow....enter the hat. Which I dug out of the bottom of the hat box and I'm now madly in love with. I guess we can call it serindipity?
red hat: who knows. My mom thrifted it when we were small, I think.
black jacket: rave (one of those teenybopper stores in the mall.)
black tshirt (underneath: express clearance
white tank: old navy
plaid skirt: thrifted
red tights: walmart clearance (fifty cents?)
black shoes: marshalls


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