in defense of my slackerliness

So le husband was gone most of the week, hunting, and I spent the whole time working like a madwoman, trying to get caught up. Then we celebrated our anniversary last night (twas lovely!), tomorrow night is the art show, and I'm still a few photo shoots behind. So...blogging will continue to be sporadic for a little while, but I'm hoping to come back soon with some fabulousness including updates on the Christmas gift making. In the meantime, here are some blogs that I'm adoring and obsessing over. 
Also loving: new restaurants, baby gift knitting, baby converse (!), the new Candace Bushnell book, holiday preparations, taking Christmas pictures, meatloaf sandwiches, trying new recipes, my fat orange cat, and fedoras. 


joy said…
Your christmas presents post needs to be titled, "Knitty, Knitty, Bang, Bang."

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