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That is the title of a thread that was started in a forum I frequent; she has a ton of Christmas parties to attend and wanted a go-to little black dress. Well, I read somewhere that you should spend as close to $1000 as you can afford for your LBD. She doesn't have that sort of budget, and neither do I. So here, in no particular order, is an assortment of dresses both black and colored that could be the solution to your holiday festivities for under $100.

Only available in hot pink, but is a very forgiving style, enabling you to pig out at the buffet or disguise those extra holiday pounds. I like the idea of wearing it with gray tights and gray suede booties. Maybe dress it down by throwing a fitted velvet blazer over top? $69.44 at Ann Taylor

Ok, I love the retro feel of this dress. I'm pretty sure it could be fab in the office, and dress it up by taking off your cardi, adding a shoulder full of sparkly vintage pins, and a vintage slip with lace edging showing underneath. Also wrap a satin ribbon around your waist several times and secure it with a brooch. Add sexy shoes and you have sparkly holidayness! $39.44

Ok, so she manages to make this look very stewardess-esqe. But it has very good lines. Tailor it perfectly, add a pair of seamed hose and peep-toe pumps, and you have a very restrained/sexy look. $39.44

Ok, not sure what's going on with this pose. I think she has to go quite badly. However, the sheath has fabulous lines. Add bare legs and a shoulder full of sparkly and I think it could work. $79.99

It's a little clown collar-y. But add a wide patent belt and a pair of sexy maryjanes, and I think you might have a winner. $49.99

This one needs an iron. But for day add matte black tights and a black turtleneck and you have a very mod look. For evening a dramatic necklace and a wide, corset-y belt could be the answer. $74.99

Um, so this dress is perfect. And it's all of $30. Amazing. 

This is a bit more of an obvious cocktail choice, but navy is fabulous neutral option. Red shoes? Fab. $59.99

The Sophia dress, although potentially overused, is actually quite a flattering style. Add some good accessories and I think it could work. $69.99

And this one is just perfect. $59.99

What is your solution to the holiday dressing madness? 


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