shop now open!

So after the art show I had several people interested in purchasing prints of my joie de vivre print. Rather than try to handle all that manually, I finally got around to setting up an etsy shop. The famous "jumping orange umbrella" shot is there, as well as a couple of my other prints, and I hope to add more soon. My goal with this is to challenge myself to shoot images that are universally appreciated, wether you know the subject or not. If you have any suggestions, do let me know!


*tiffany* said…
Lily Pad PR said…
this is so cool! I love your prints :)
ambika said…
I remember you doing some wonderful shots of your shoes & other things from your closet and thinking how neat it would be to have that kind of print in a bedroom--or the walk-in closet I used to have.

& congrats on opening the shop! It looks great!

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