best of 2008

So one of my favorite parts of the end of the year is sorting out all of my favorite photos from that year. I love going back and looking through all the weddings, reliving my favorite moments.
Well, did the math, and I think we took about 50,000 pictures last year. Of those, these are my favorites. This is a wholly subjective collection; I'm sure someone else would pick entirely different images. But for whatever reason these are my favorites. Please enjoy.
Warning: this is freaking long! Seriously: there were 200 some pictures, so it takes a while to get through them all.

best of 2008 from Laura Dye on Vimeo.


Lily Pad PR said…
wow Laura. That was amazing! You are truly brilliant :) Hope you have an awesome 2009. <3 !
Johanna said…
1. Beautiful, inspiring, delightful, whimsical, creative as hell.
2. What is the name/artist of the first song on the slideshow? I really like it.
3. I NEED you to do my maternity pics. The ones in this collection were priceless and so charming. I wonder how to get out to DE around May. hmmmm...
Porkchop said…
I love looking at your pictures, because it makes me unbelievably happy to know (and be related to someone) so astonishingly taleted and living their passion.

You inspire me, delightful sister.
VDOprincess said…
You all are much too kind.
J - The first song is "1,000 Miles" by Mark Shultz. (I think that's how you spell his last name?) You know: contemporary Christian artist who wrote "Having the time of my life." One of the very few CC artists I listen to, as his sappy love song skills are second to none, I think. :D
Just for kicks and giggles, I dug up last year's slideshow. Woooow. Huge changes. However, it makes me a little sad, because of those photos I took last year, most of them were shoots that I coordinated and styled, so they're still shots I adore. And this year? I love them images, but I don't know that I pushed myself as hard creatively. (Although much harder physically and mentally.)
Johanna said…
huh! I usually recognize voices, but I sure didn't think that was Mark Schultz. Thanks for the 411. :-)

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