a christmas tree!

I've been loving our christmas tree this year, and wanting to take pictures, but just not taking the time. Tonight, however, I'm blowing off work for a little while to get the house ready for family, and had to pause and just love all the white lights.

So please excuse the clawed garland on the lower left-hand side. The LewisCat thinks that it is AMAZING, and has made it his personal mission to take it all off. I'm trying to spray him with water when he does, but since I'm gone so much, he's quite crafty.
So here's the story on my tree: in previous years I've done a gold/red/silver/clear thing, but after last year's amazing Blueprint cover, I decided that red needed to be replaced with pink. Well, I haven't been able to find any pink ornaments in the stores. At least none that were the right shade. However, I was able to pick up a ton of them in the thrift store, so there we go. And my previous red tree topper wouldn't go, so I found a vintage star thingy for $2 at Salvation Army. (And people say I have expensive taste!) All the garlands are an exhibition of my one OCD tendency: I can never find the garland that I like, so for the past three years I've made family members string tiny glass beads and create my own personal garlands. My tree was delightfully decked this year before it got attacked. 
After looking everywhere for pink wrapping paper that wasn't baby-themed, I caved and bought red-and-white awesomeness, planning to add pink ribbon. And then I went to Ikea, where I discovered this amazing pink and red paisley. That reverses to orange. How freaking awesome is that? I just can't believe I didn't buy out the store. 
Anyway, don't expect much from me--the inlaws are in town this weekend, so we're busy. But expect pictures of Christmas presents after they leave; I plan to make recipients model! Woo! 


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