do bloggers dream of unlimited shoes?

I know I do! So I've been thoroughly chastised this week for my lack of bloggage; trust me, I know and I feel bad. I'm a bit slammed right now, trying to get all my engagement shoots edited and printed in time for Christmas cards. We did three shoots this weekend; engagement shoot on Friday at the beach (going to be amazing!), wedding on Saturday (lovely!), and engagement shoot on Sunday afternoon (absolutely gorgeous and cinematic). And did I mention that the inlaws were in town this weekend? Um, yeah. It was intense. But good.

Anyway, this image is from the November issue of Domino, and it's the closet of the head designer for JCrew. And it's gorgeous. This is the closet that we want (and my sister totally had, for a while, darn her). View the enlarged image--it's amazing.


*tiffany* said…
This is unbelievable. I'm so jealous of people that have luxury, lol...

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