thrift score

So today I hit up a couple of local thrift stores and had two major scores.

These are my new favorites, and are proof that my menswear obsession may be getting out of control. These are mens shoes, vintage (I think) and to me they feel very English Dandy. I love them. They're a tiny bit big, but since they're narrows, they're very close to fitting. Found them at a local thrift store for $4.

I found this vintage sealskin coat on the rack at Salvation Army and it didn't have a tag. When I took it to the register I asked how much it would be, she said "$10." I was fine with that (vintage sealskin! In very decent condition!) and said "ok" but then she looked at the lining and was like, "Make it $5." I didn't argue.
Yes, you read that right. Vintage car length sealskin for $5. As you can see in one of the pictures, the lining is coming loose around the wrists, but I'll be able to fix that. Other than that, the fur itself is in beautiful condition, and based on the lining and the styling I THINK this is from the fifties.

the holy grail of jeans

Outfit posts two days in a row, people! This must be a sign of an impending natural disaster!
So I bought these jeans when I was in NYC last week; I found them in Filene's Basement, where they were running a special on premium denim. I texted my sisters from the dressing room "Have found the holy grail of jeans! Fit in butt, fit in waist, make bum look fab, and long enough to wear with heels!" They tested back: "BUY IN BULK." Sadly, there was only one pair. Because I would have bought more: they were only $30. Anyway, they're Earnest I AM in the straight cut, and I love them.

jeans: earnest I AM
shirt: ralph lauren (boys shirt, thrifted)
blazer: express (thrifted)
shoes: tahari


wednesday wonderfulness

bits of loveliness from around the interwebs

a witch costume as pulled from my closet

So today was books and baristas, which means I go down to the public library and read books to little kids for an hour, and I get to take yummy hot chocolate from Starbucks. We had planned a witch theme this month, so I was dressing to match. Of course I forgot until about 10 pm last night, so I rummaged about this morning and pulled together what I could find, stopping by Target for a hat. (All costumes! 30% off right now!)

Random: these boots have been buried in the back of the closet, waiting for pointy toes to come back into fashion. In the meantime, they make perfect witch shoes, although now that I'm used to round toes they definitely affected the way I walk.

gray ruffled tee: old navy
black sweater: thrifted
black belt: target
black skirt: vintage
purple fishnets: vintage
boots: banana republic


things to hang on the walls

I haven't done an etsy roundup in a while, because I haven't had time to poke around. But tonight a post on Oh Joy! headed me in that direction and left me wanting lovely art to cover my walls.

hiding the hedgehog



an odd encounter

vintage i love you


there was this one time we went to new york

I should have posted this sooner, but it's been crazy. And I'm very good about loading stuff on facebook, but hate overlapping here. However, things usually get tweaked a little before they end up here. Anyway, the last weekend in September I took le sister-in-law to NYC for a super-brief trip as her birthday gift. We could only spare about 36 hours, but we managed to squish a lot into that time, and it was lovely.
Anyway, on this trip I actually took my camera, which is unheard of, as I hate looking like a tourist. However, I took it and manged to force myself to snap a few (a very few) pictures. So I'm sharing them here. Yes, polaroided. Because they are inherently cooler that way.

Subway tunnels. I'm obsessed with the tile in these. (Didn't take this image, but I like.)

Obligatory self-portrait. Guy on the left is our host for the time we were there; pretty sure if he weren't showing us around, we would have walked in circles the whole time. Or given up and thrown ourselves on the mercy of taxis. Or something. Sorry Eli's head got chopped off at the right. Also: this is the last known photo of my piercing. It came out two days later. Also we are all exhausted and drenched and the lens is set at 18mm, hence my big-headed weirdness.

Shake Shack! Their peanut butter shakes are KILLER.
The legendary burger. Which, apparently, I can now try to replicate at home.

Eli, looking lovely. We both ended up wearing little vintage dresses all over the city, for the sake of comfort and packing ease, and she looked so striking in hers.

Random street performer. When we saw this guy, eli and I both thought of my brother, and I had to take a picture.

Vietnamese sandwich. Mmmm. Banh mi. Delicious.

Long exposure with camera balanced on the street corner.

And obligatory times square shot.


::remnants of life::

I was going through old photos for a different project, and found a ton of outtakes from various shoots/random snapshots. So i poladroided them and are throwing them up here.

sometime in 2008

fall 2007

beads. and boobs. summer 2008

fall 2007

June 2007

fall 2007

july 2007


fall 2008

october 2008


things I love Thursday

photo by mae photography

:personal sized vintage umbrellas: :gray toenails: :the return of champagne thursday: : oatmeal butterscotch cookies: :cashmere sweaters: :motorcycle boots: :pedicures with the sisters: :tea lattes: :scrabble marathons: :gimlets: :sweet potatoes: :texts from last night: :walking sixty miles for breast cancer: :tights of all sorts: :having friends in town: :gold satin shoes: :playing with a new light setup: :dancing to Flo Rida: :running: :shiny hair:

in which I attempt to wear black lipstick

So, you know how black lips were all over the fall runways? Well, MAC's latest collection also has me inspired, and I'm loving the whole noir look. So when one of my sbux regulars gave me a tube of black from the MAC line, well, I was estatic.

I decided to attempt to wear black lipstick to work (as best as I can tell, there is no rule against it), and this is the result. I went very simple for the rest of the look, with a sheer bone colored shadow, black liquid liner, and a smudge of blush. Then for the lip I used a red liner, applied the black lipstick over it, and went over THAT with a dark wine-colored gloss to lessen the intensity just a tiny bit. (Also MAC. Don't remember the color names at the moment.)
I rather loved the look, and will definitely be trying it again.


wednesday wonderfulness

Wow! Wednesday already. I'm off today and tomorrow, which means lots and lots of editing, etc, but also taking some time off to get pedis with my sisters. Woo! So anyway, have lots of goodness this week. Yay!


random screencaps from Mad Men

I'm currently working my way through season 2, and this isn't even the best episode fashion-wise (The Gold Violin), but it's the one I was watching this morning. So I screencapped anything that randomly caught my eye.

I'm loving the layers on this look. The sport coat/tee/collared shirt combo is ace.

Her hair! Her necklace!

We used to have shorts like these that my grandma wore and ended up being passed on to us. I wish we still had them; they would fit me now.

I love the scarf. Especially with the red lipstick.

I want a couch like that. The sort of orange-y color? With pops of aqua? Loving.

I'm loving the double back pleats on the skirt. Also note how perfectly fitted this is; I really need to find a girdle. Seriously. Those styles are best worn with the right support.

Um, hottest current tv couple much?

Ok, so I know Joan is lauded for dressing to take advantage of her curves, but am I the only one who thinks that some of those high-waisted high-necked styles just make her look dumpy?


Hostess apron!

I just want this whole corner of a room.