in which I attempt to wear black lipstick

So, you know how black lips were all over the fall runways? Well, MAC's latest collection also has me inspired, and I'm loving the whole noir look. So when one of my sbux regulars gave me a tube of black from the MAC line, well, I was estatic.

I decided to attempt to wear black lipstick to work (as best as I can tell, there is no rule against it), and this is the result. I went very simple for the rest of the look, with a sheer bone colored shadow, black liquid liner, and a smudge of blush. Then for the lip I used a red liner, applied the black lipstick over it, and went over THAT with a dark wine-colored gloss to lessen the intensity just a tiny bit. (Also MAC. Don't remember the color names at the moment.)
I rather loved the look, and will definitely be trying it again.


lsaspacey said…
So, what were the responses at work?
Anonymous said…
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I love it too! Very Fab. Everyone cannot rock this look, You did it to a T. :-)
{lauryl} said…
Wow, it really looks good on you! Supah dramatic!
Anonymous said…
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