a witch costume as pulled from my closet

So today was books and baristas, which means I go down to the public library and read books to little kids for an hour, and I get to take yummy hot chocolate from Starbucks. We had planned a witch theme this month, so I was dressing to match. Of course I forgot until about 10 pm last night, so I rummaged about this morning and pulled together what I could find, stopping by Target for a hat. (All costumes! 30% off right now!)

Random: these boots have been buried in the back of the closet, waiting for pointy toes to come back into fashion. In the meantime, they make perfect witch shoes, although now that I'm used to round toes they definitely affected the way I walk.

gray ruffled tee: old navy
black sweater: thrifted
black belt: target
black skirt: vintage
purple fishnets: vintage
boots: banana republic


{lauryl} said…
so cute, laura! you're the least-scary-looking witch i've ever seen! ;-)

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