random screencaps from Mad Men

I'm currently working my way through season 2, and this isn't even the best episode fashion-wise (The Gold Violin), but it's the one I was watching this morning. So I screencapped anything that randomly caught my eye.

I'm loving the layers on this look. The sport coat/tee/collared shirt combo is ace.

Her hair! Her necklace!

We used to have shorts like these that my grandma wore and ended up being passed on to us. I wish we still had them; they would fit me now.

I love the scarf. Especially with the red lipstick.

I want a couch like that. The sort of orange-y color? With pops of aqua? Loving.

I'm loving the double back pleats on the skirt. Also note how perfectly fitted this is; I really need to find a girdle. Seriously. Those styles are best worn with the right support.

Um, hottest current tv couple much?

Ok, so I know Joan is lauded for dressing to take advantage of her curves, but am I the only one who thinks that some of those high-waisted high-necked styles just make her look dumpy?


Hostess apron!

I just want this whole corner of a room.


Toiling Ant said…
I can't decide if I love or hate MadMen... I adore the styling, but the actual story lines just burn me up and I find myself yelling at Don Draper a lot (in my head if not in actuality) and wanting to smack some sense into Betty. What to do, what to DO!

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