there was this one time we went to new york

I should have posted this sooner, but it's been crazy. And I'm very good about loading stuff on facebook, but hate overlapping here. However, things usually get tweaked a little before they end up here. Anyway, the last weekend in September I took le sister-in-law to NYC for a super-brief trip as her birthday gift. We could only spare about 36 hours, but we managed to squish a lot into that time, and it was lovely.
Anyway, on this trip I actually took my camera, which is unheard of, as I hate looking like a tourist. However, I took it and manged to force myself to snap a few (a very few) pictures. So I'm sharing them here. Yes, polaroided. Because they are inherently cooler that way.

Subway tunnels. I'm obsessed with the tile in these. (Didn't take this image, but I like.)

Obligatory self-portrait. Guy on the left is our host for the time we were there; pretty sure if he weren't showing us around, we would have walked in circles the whole time. Or given up and thrown ourselves on the mercy of taxis. Or something. Sorry Eli's head got chopped off at the right. Also: this is the last known photo of my piercing. It came out two days later. Also we are all exhausted and drenched and the lens is set at 18mm, hence my big-headed weirdness.

Shake Shack! Their peanut butter shakes are KILLER.
The legendary burger. Which, apparently, I can now try to replicate at home.

Eli, looking lovely. We both ended up wearing little vintage dresses all over the city, for the sake of comfort and packing ease, and she looked so striking in hers.

Random street performer. When we saw this guy, eli and I both thought of my brother, and I had to take a picture.

Vietnamese sandwich. Mmmm. Banh mi. Delicious.

Long exposure with camera balanced on the street corner.

And obligatory times square shot.


{lauryl} said…
pretty! i freaking love that city!

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