self-portrait sunday

project 52, week 19

I'm a makeup girl. I went through this phase when I was about 14 when I refused to wear it because it "took too much time." (I also wore plaid shirts and pulled my waist-length hair back ALL THE TIME, but that's another story.) But once I started, I haven't gone back.
Growing up in a houseful of girls, my dad didn't want us all running around looking like floozies, so there was one simple rule: we could wear as much makeup as we wanted, as long as he couldn't tell we had it on. Being a guy, it took A LOT before he noticed, but that rule kept me from many of the blue-eyeshadow-related mishaps that befall so many teens. (I had plenty of plaid shirts to make up for it.) Anyway, after I started wearing makeup I swiftly learned to apply it in a very subtle manner, and although I wear it a little more dramatically now, I've not stopped wearing it since. Not only do I not go out in public without makeup, I usually wear it around the house. So now it's my mask, my armor, my defense against the world.
But sometimes, when it's the day after shooting a wedding, and I'm kicking around my apartment, tackling laundry and grocery shopping and the cleaning that gets ignored during the week, it somehow feels right to have a clean-scrubbed face.
But this is the closest I'm getting to posting makeup-free photos. For now.


Bekah said…
Love it. Maybe it's the southern girl in me, but I have yet to leave my house without some kind of makeup. Usually it's ATLEAST foundation and mascara....even if that's just to the gym at 7am.
{lauryl} said…
I try to wear makeup when I'm going to a meeting or doing anything "professional," but I certainly can't be bothered when I'm just around the house. I'm sort of in awe of people like you, I'm not sure how you manage to find the time to put it on everyday. It's like hair... on days like today, when I know I'm going to be working from home all day, I let my hair take a break from the blow dryer and give my face a "breather."

Of course, if the UPS man rings the doorbell... there's the possibility that I'll terrify him. ;-)

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