self-portrait tuesday?

project 52, week 20
Project 52, week 20.
No story this week, sorry. I haven't space in my brain to come up with something interesting. :/ But OHMYWORD I look like my mother.


fleur_delicious said…
funny; lately I am haunted by how I look, sound, gesture like my mother. I hear and see her constantly. Some part of me is resisting - some tardy teenage rebellion, I guess, that still wants to have an identity independent of her. Some of it is fear - she's terminally ill and it's scary and the last thing I have zero desire to endure what she's living with. But she's just there, constantly. Isn't it strange how all of a sudden that just seems to happen?
Nattie said…
We all act and look like our parents at various times. This is often picked up more by our siblings when they see us and recognise the mannerisms or traits. I can understand your resistance but for me, now that my mother isn't around, its often a nice reminder.

Oh and you look beautiful in your photo!

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