wedding centerpiece inspiration

First off: I'm back, yo! Internets are now connected at our house, and I am LOVING this. Haven't gotten any work done for the past day and a half because I'm getting caught up on my RSS feeds.
Ok, in other news. So I'm sure I've mentioned it, but my sister is getting married in just a couple of months, and I've convinced her to delegate the reception decoration to Porkchop and me. Right now in between debating what exactly we're going to do for the invitations, we're trying to decide what to do for centerpieces. I've pulled all the following off Martha Stewart Weddings, specifically this slideshow. The reception is going to be at this very cool old colonial style hotel, with lots of natural light, so we want something simple. I'm currently loving all these. Sure we won't end up with any of them, but it's a start.

I'm also loving these tutorials. Tissue flowers, paper magnolias, crepe flowers.
Consider yourselves warned: MUCH WEDDING TALK for the next few weeks.


carla said…
Have you seen this website for party/reception ideas? It is one of my favorites.

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