things that make me happy today

  • This morning I was cc'd on an email from one of my brides that included the line "The photographer Laura, who in another life would probably be my best friend (she is just that awesome)" and I kind of melted. I love my brides, yo. They rock.
  • I made one of these for le hubs this morning. It's cooling on the stove as I type, and I desperately want to go faceplant in it.
  • I'm currently loving this song so much. It makes me want to dance around in polka dots. Seriously. Just try listening without tapping your toes.
  • I'm currently reading this, and I'm really enjoying it. It's not a hard read at all, and I love the idea that everyone has their own Personal Legend.
  • currently watching Satisfaction, which is not family friendly by any stretch of the imagination. But it is rather intriguing, and I think the character development is fantastic.
So. What makes you happy today?


Porkchop said…
Custard! I tried another recipe and it turned out perfectly.

The weather. Being able to putter about the house with the windows open and a light breeze is just lovely.

New neighbors who seem normal and decent and promised me authentic Indian food for the use of our wireless connection.

My perfect pedicure I took the time to do last night.

The fact my entire house is perfectly organized and clean, for a vast change of pace, since I am doing everything in my power to avoid studying.
Jen in Portland said…
I made one of peach pies. Thanks for the link--it was wonderful!!

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