all of the changes's been a while. I'm going to say that about a week before I made my last post, we learned that Fat Toddler v2.0 was on the way. In addition, a week before I learned that, I received a promotion I'd been working toward at Starbucks. So I've spent the summer working as an Assistant Store Manager at a Starbucks an hour away from where I live. Which means I'm training to be a manger, but in the meantime, I am busting my booty, trying to prove myself in this new position. While being preggo.
But that's (almost) all behind me now. My final presentation is about three weeks away, I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant, and I should go out on maternity leave mid-December. Hooray for totally chill holidays with a tiny squishy newborn!
A big part of stepping up at Starbucks is stepping down from photography. I hate running a business, always have. But since FT was born it's gotten harder to want to pour my free time into building a business that's only going to use up MORE free time. So at the same time I got promoted I made the decision to shut down the photography side of things, at least for a few years. It's been AMAZING. I'll literally go weeks and weeks without picking up my camera, and I love it. I've one more wedding to photograph at the end of this month, and then all my contracts are fulfilled.  Le hubs loves the fact that when I'm home, I'm HOME. I don't have to catch up on editing or emails or anything like that.
But yeah, that's why I haven't been writing anything lately. There just haven't been the brain cells to spare, and time? That's not a thing. Chocolate, on the other hand, totally is. With FT I craved all things salty. This time not so much. I seriously have chocolate in my purse at all times. Despite that, I've gained maybe 15 pounds so far? So that's not too bad. Anyway, Fat Toddler is no longer fat, nor really much of a toddler. He's more of a little boy. And that's me at 29 weeks preggo. (We've taken precisely two belly pictures this time around. With any luck we'll get a third before I go into labor.)


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