wednesday wonderfulness, its been a week edition

I always pick up blogging again with the best of intentions. Will plan ahead! Will schedule posts! And then the whole "I could write a post, or I could take a nap" thing surfaces....and naps usually win. So there's that. This week has been a little more hectic than usual on the work front, and now I'm staring at the weekend ahead: I am photographing the last wedding and family session until FT 2.0 arrives, and possibly the last ever. AND I AM SO HAPPY. However, first I have to survive this weekend....

Well, that's probably enough to keep you all going for a while...and I need to either edit photos or eat dinner. Or shower. That's an option too, I suppose. 


Kat said…
RE: teaching your kids proper names for body parts. The Jezebel piece only barely touches on it within one of the quotes... but one of the best reasons I've ever seen for proper education lies in "discouraging perpetrators".

A perpetrator is less likely to want to target a child who can accurately describe what was done against him or her.

Someone who does go ahead and abuse a child anyway may use various euphemisms for the body parts in an attempt to downplay the egregiousness of the action, or to make the child disassociate the abuse from information that he or she may hear in real life. So if your young child, who knows proper names for every body part, suddenly begins talking about "flower" or some such other euphemism, you'll instantly be aware that someone else is in the picture.

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