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Remember back when I wore super-cute outfits and heels all the time? Even when nine months pregnant? Even while toting a newborn? Those were good times. Good times that ended once I had a mobile tiny person, with sticky hands and super-fast running skills. These days I seem to live in some variation of sweatshirt/jeans/brightly colored flats. Every time I attempt a dress, my child decides to hide under it while in public. When I pull out a vintage top, I rip out the sleeves attempting to pick him up. Heels? He starts running down our gravel driveway and I'm wobbling behind.
So this is where I am: in a momiform. I've packed away all my vintage and most of my cute shoes, knowing there will come a day when they'll come back out. And in the meantime? I'm trying to make sure I wear something a little bit cuter than a Hanes crewneck fleece.

1. How cute would this be with skinnies and slouchy boots? Or leggings and ankle boots and a beanie? I like the longer length; butt coverage is key. Old Navy 2. I mean, Jcrew is basically the Mecca of sweatshirts that are a little more classy. But seriously. JCrew 3. Nerd alert, right? But so fun! And a good color. SoEffingCute 4. Octopi are gorgeous anyway, and I love this dramatic black and white design. skipnwhistle 5. This tunic-length top would look adorable with zips undone over a neon tank. Gap
So how are you classing up comfy? Or are you refusing to cave?


Johanna said…
I love having you back on the interwebs!!! YES to all the sweatshirts. Except maybe the HP one, just cause I'm not an HP nerd.

Classy sweats are so nice for chasing little people. I raise my fleecy hand in solidarity!

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