wednesday wonderfulness

Hey lovelies! You know what's awesome? Having internets attached to my lovely, huge-screened computer. Having done most of my browsing on my iPhone since last December, having a 30-inch screen on which to open ONE MILLION TABS is genuinely fabulous. Anyway, I'm catching up on my feedly, and have even had time to dig back into some archives, so excuse me if some of this stuff is older/I've already posted it.

  • I'm always a fan of a good carrot cake recipe; this one probably needs to be tried. 
  • Free printable! It has an umbrella, so...there's that. 
  • This mom photographs her children's toys. Gorgeously. 
  • This is a very cool way to decorate walls, but would it be a huge pain to keep clean? I think maybe. 
  • This nursery is gorgeous. And gender neutral. And will probably transition nicely into a child's room. 
  • Best free things to do in NYC: the list is in the comments. I know a lot of these, but some (FIT museum? What? I AM SO THERE) I'd never heard of, and I cannot wait to check them out. 
  • I'm not a huge Kiki Dunst fan, but that second-to-last image... yes. 
  • What do you think of the idea of an articles club
  • 5 ways sexism hurts men. I talk about feminism a lot, and here are a few reasons why it's as important for men as it is for women. 
  • Make your own pumpkin chai latte. This looks insane. In a good way. 
  • I really love this shared brother/sister room
  • "Do the work that's in front of you." 
  • Finally, I listened to this interview with Elizabeth Gilbert several weeks ago and really loved it. (She's a fantastic public speaker, you guys.) I can't find a transcript anywhere, but it's worth the 20 minutes or so. She talks about being a one-hit wonder and the secret to never being boring. 


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