day one of the great olive oil experiment

Inspired by this post over at Bunnyshop, and also by hearing from numerous people that olive oil is veryvery good for the skin, and despite by a rather traumatic experience involving attempts to get my sister's back to clear up before the one and only prom she attended I decided to be brave and try it. So last night I washed off my makeup as usual, but applied olive oil instead of moisturizer. From here on out I'm avoiding any kind of cleanser, and will use solely extra virgin olive oil. I'm going to try this for at least a month, which means that on Thursday, October 12 I'll post before/after photos.


Melinda said…
My skins LOVES olive oil! It has cleared up my face so well. For two weeks recently, while on vacation, I switched over to regular cleansers because I didn't want to have an oily mess (exploding bottles and the like) while traveling, and my face responded in protest. Breakouts like I hadn't seen...well, since I started the olive oil treatments a few months ago!

I don't use just olive oil. I have castor oil mixed in too. This is the method I use:
joy said…
I tried it last night and this morning and my skin looks waaaay better. Seriously, I was shocked. I'm a believer!

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