thrifting loveliness so far

We hit the Goodwill yesterday, the three of us. Besides the hilariousness that ensued when we were accosted by a crazy lady that insisted on hiking up her skirt to show us her gangreneous, soon-to-be-amputed leg (trust me, we didn't ask), we scored all sorts of good deals. Jjoyful found lots of pieces (she needed the most), including a black Limited wrap dress with tags still attached. Porkchop got, among other things, a Moschino sweater and an Ann Taylor tweed shift, and I got a shirt for le husband and a GORGEOUS camelhair coat. So happy! I'd like to make a public statement here: this was, I think, the first time in my personal history that I walked out of a thrift store having spent the least of my group. Ah, restraint!


Kat said…
Maybe those are the people you should shop with henceforth. Anyone who makes my shopping habits look good is a friend.

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