more than you wanted to know

I think I've found my next hair color. Le sisters don't approve, they think I should stay dark. But even with that I'm wondering, this or this? Because there are various versions of dark, you know. Oh, and the reason I've used all pictures of Drew Barrymore is because I've fended off comparisons to her all my life, and her coloring is rather similar to mine (as is her facial shape). The sad thing is, people always say I look like her after watching "Ever After," not "Lucky Strike" (the former was NOT her best look). Oh, well. At least it's not after seeing "Riding in Cars with Boys."


joy said…
It's not that I don't approve, it's that you asked if I thought they would look good on you. Good grief, don't make me sound like a meanie.

I think the last one would look nice.

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