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The process of creativity. I'm still reading Twyla Tharp's book on the subject, and it's quite engrossing. She talks a lot about "scratching," which is the process whereby one generates new ideas. (Side note: I'm not sure why I so obsessed with creativity right now; for sure it's not because I'm in a creative field. I think, however, that I want to be.)
So when I saw an article in a back issue of How on "strategies to build creativity" I was intrigued. Most of the activities were graphic design-oriented, but a few were worth repeating, just as exercises to get your brain sparking in whatever endeavor you're currently working.
  • In five minutes, come up with 10 unconventional ways to use a stapler, besides stapling.
  • Using only 4 straight lines and a circle, create a pictogram for each of these six words: pressure, delirious, lucky, suspense, dangerous, and joyful.
  • Create three new taglines for each of these products that are used nearly every day by everyone: air, water, and pants.
  • Name 20 things that kids do better than adults. Then pick one and do it.


Heather said…
Great post!! I must try coming up with a list of 20 things kids do better than adults and pick one to attempt!

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