what she wore on Sunday

what she wore on sunday I chopped my head off in this photo because I had just finished a PMS-fueled meltdown and there were mascara streaks all over my face. So. Not. Cool. Anyway, this outfit felt a little odd to me, because the hoodie is *not* something I would normally wear--too much like something from Aeropostale (otherwise known as The Evil Cesspool of Skittle Vomit). So I tried to tone down it's teeny-bopper-ness with a vintage skirt and funky shoes.
pink hooded sweater: thrifted
white tee shirt: Charlotte Russe
navy polka-dot vintage skirt: thrifted
pink shoes: flipfloptrunkshow.com (A couple of seasons ago.)
navy and white bangles (unseen): Ebay


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