whiM: what happiness it's Monday!

things that make me happy that this week is stretching before me, full of promise.

from the photostream of isayx3
normal life:: The ability to get back on a normal schedule is making me ridiculously happy. Now if this crazily cold weather would just go away so I would find it easier to get motivated to go running.

apartment therapy:: we're supposed to be out of our current place by the 15th of this month, so all my spare time this week is being spent painting. May I just say "hot pink kitchen."

tights:: My uniform these days (when I'm not painting) is dark tights, some sort of mini, and flat boots. It's comfy, and I love it, and it keeps me from freezing to death.

orange tiger cats:: my lewiscat is the worlds best cuddler, and regularly falls asleep on my stomach. It's awesome. And warm.

honorable mentions: vintage hats for a dollar, flannel sheets, color-coded storage bins, books on CD, layering, ramen noodles, slouchy sweaters, giving wedding advice

What are you loving this monday, dear ones?


Toiling Ant said…
Totally agree with your first bit-- I am so glad to stop all the holidaying already and get back to a routine, and it's irritatingly difficult for me to get out in the cold too. At least today I have an reason to go walking: to pay our rent. :-P
C said…
I love this photo - very Where The Wild Things Are.

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