shoes I currently think need to come home with me

So, a very good friend of mine is in the pre-planning stages of her wedding, and I'm trying to convince her to spend her ENTIRE budget on a fabulous pair of shoes. So far she's not convinced, but it gives ME an excuse to browse shoe websites with the excuse of looking for the perfect pair of wedding shoes. And I just happen to find lots and lots that would be perfect for meeeeee. As always, click on the image to get purchasing information.

Skinny jeans, leather jacket, and white tee, anyone? Or maybe pair these with thick black tights and a sixties mini. Either way: perfection.

These I would actually love to see on a bride. The sculptural heel? Amazing. Go to the page so you can look at them from all angles; I reallyreally think I need these. For reals.

They're blue and sparkly! Wouldn't they be the perfect "something blue"? Or just perfect worn with a little black dress? you know, either way.

These are super-fab. I love that her foot looks like a baby mummy.

These would actually make really pretty wedding shoes too, I think. Or a very awesome take on the ever-slimming nude heel.

And these are just funky/bizarre/awesome. I want.

I MUST HAVE THESE. They take my bizarre shoeness to a whole new high. Lovelovelove.


Sarah said…
Love the shoes!! I want the blue sparkly ones. And both of the nude pump. And... actually just all of them!

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