wednesday wonderfulness

This edition of Wednesday Wonderfulness is sponsored by Tumblr and YouTube; I don't have internet access yet on my own computer, so I'm surfing on my husband's laptop. Which means none of my usual bookmarks, but the potential to discover much awesomeness, right?
And my interwebs is now having issues with me, so I'll stop now, and leave you with the following two videos. The music video is for a song I currently love (I love the idea of just living your life, no matter what others think), but I really like how the story of this video plays with linear thinking. The second is behind the scenes of an Absolut shoot, and has some brilliant sets and costumes.

Have a fabulous Wednesday, my dears!


Johanna said…
ahhhh - I've finally re-added your blog to my bookmarks and caught up on your life. I've missed your bits of beautiful and zany. :) FB isn't quite the same. Obviously, if I'd been READING your blog I'd have known about the move, etc.

Glad you had such a stretching 2009 and I hope that 2010 brings you ever closer to Jesus and your dreams. :-)

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