I'll be perfectly honest: this last week has been tough, and this weekend? On the list of my top three worst. It's just been one thing after another on top of the moving, and today hasn't improved a ton. (In one of the highlights: our pipes are frozen, so we've been without water at the new place since yesterday morning. I reached a new low in my life today when I had to drive to wal-mart for the sole purpose of going to the bathroom.) But here's the thing: its all going to work out. Confession: whenever I'm having a particularly hard time with anything, I tell myself that if I just stay alive long enough, I'll get through this. Time MUST pass, so I just have to keep breathing. That sounds incredibly dark, I know, but it's really rather calming. So anyway, here are the things that make me very glad for this week.
  • Promotion kicking in at Starbucks! Yes, it's twice as many hours, but there is a raise involved. And it's just temporary, so I'll get my power kicks out of my system and get back to being a mere peon.
  • The apartment is looking gorgeous! You know that promotion I just took? Yeah. Part of it is going to allow me to purchase some awesomeness for the apartment. I'll post pictures when things are pulled together more, I promise.
  • My brother just came over and brought me tea. Because he knew I was having a crap day. This is true love, ladies and gentlemen.


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