things that make me happy today

I know some of you are waiting to see my new apartment, and I want to share it, but we're still at that "getting rid of accumulated STUFF" stage, so there is still stuff everywhere. It's all very much a work in progress, and I promise I will post pictures eventually. In the meantime, here are some little snippets.
Hooray for yellow purses for only $5!

This is a detail of my bathroom wall; a friend did gorgeous cherry blossoms all over for me. It's beautiful.

Yes, Lewis has found a lovely spot of sun. (In less happy news, he's not entirely sure about this whole "move" thing. We're working on it.)

Meet our resident grumpy old man. You have no idea how funny this little guy is. Today as I sat on the couch he was, as usual, hidden under a pillow, and he squeaked in his sleep. Awesomeness.

Mmm. My most favorite coffee of the year is currently in at Starbucks, and I'm stocking up. Casi Cielo means "almost heaven" and that really is how good this is: it's a little bit citrussy, a little bit chocolatey, and so, so smooth. I normally hate Latin American coffees just because they're high-acid, but not Casi. It's very full and complex. Goodness in a cup.

What makes you happy today, dear ones?


Sarah said…
Thanks for the tip on the coffee! We'll definitely check it out. My favorite Starbucks Blend (seasonal) Is Sulawesi. It's so creamy and smoothe.
Cute pics of the furkids. Love the squeak. :)
Johanna said…
Oooh! I just got an unexpected Starbucks card and now I will have to spend it on that coffee. :)

things that make me happy today:
~a fat, happy, sweet-smelling baby that giggles
~Earl Grey tea with sugar and cream
~staying inside on a VERY frigidacious day.

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