glimpses from New York

Last week le husband an I took an overnight trip to New York City to see Wicked and expose my husband to the city for the first time. We learned a couple of things: my husband will never EVER live in the city (he was feeling claustrophobic after a mere 30 hours) and raw octopus is delicious. In addition, we managed to end up on the subway without any google maps, which led to an hour ride that may or may have detoured into brooklyn, got off on the wrong stop and walked across manhattan at 1 in the morning, and wandered through central park. It was a good trip.

Funny little birds who flocked around us at Shake Shack. (New York is always about the food for me.)
caterpillar french fry
Caterpillar fry! Yes, he loves shake shack, too.
statue of liberty
The non-touristy version of a statue of liberty picture.
Yay for spring!
ghost cathedral
Ghostly cathedral. I think this was a 3 second exposure?
I am such a creeper: I thought this couple was adorable, so I snapped off a shot of them while we were in Central Park.
stolen kiss
self-portrait in central park. We used my purse as a tripod.


nail polish = I'm on vacation
You can tell when I'm on vacation: I get to paint my nails.
lost umbrella
Forlorn umbrella.

film noir
Film noir?


{lauryl} said…
I heart NYC. My hubs and I would live there in a snap ... if only we could afford to. Sadly, NYC is probably the only place in the US MORE expensive than living in LA. And we can barely swing it in LA. Le sigh.

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