meet mr. pugglesworth

This little charmer has arrived at our house as a kind of sort of not-really birthday surprise for me. His official name is Mr. Snorty, which I find slightly disturbing and cokehead-esqe. So far I keep managing to call him Mr. Shorty completely by accident.

He's very shy, a trait that he'll have to get over rather quickly, seeing as we ALWAYS have a houseful of people. Please note mollified expression. Also my very sexy glasses/converse combination.
He's three years old, so he is housebroken, which is lovely. I don't think I could handle puppy-training right now. He is pure-bred, and he's quite the cuddler. My husband is madly, deeply in love.


Thine Sister said…
He is completely and utterly adorable. Also Mr. Shorty/Shorty as a name sounds very gangster. A hilarious contrast to your other pets with their literary and obscure names. I think his name should be Shawty.

joy said…
Wow, he IS really cute. Also, I love the name you have given him. Just as an FYI, I think Shawty sounds very Shawshank Redemption and downright menacing; Mr. Pugglesworth is much better.

All of my sisters now own very cute dogs. I think you need to have a photoshoot with "the cousins." It would provide photos of overwhelming cuteness.

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