my goals for 2010

Despite the fact that I didn't really get much done on my 2009 list, I'm still writing it all down. We'll see how it goes!
  • Run half marathon (scheduled for the end of April) This is so not happening
  • Walk another Breast Cancer 3day
  • Volunteer as staff on a Breast Cancer 3day I cut these two not because I don't believe in the cause--I still do--but because I want to dedicate the time to investing in people one on one. Also, I feel kind of shallow fundraising for breast cancer when there are people in Haiti living in tents. Does this make any sense?
  • Shoot a fashion editorial for publication (doesn't have to be paid) Making this happen!
  • Take a road trip! Sort of! With les sisters!
  • Shoot 15 weddings Scheduled!
  • do 10 family sessions Photographed 5, I think.
  • shoot two band sessions done!
  • pay down $6000 in debt paid down $4000. I'll take it.
  • Read 52 books some were total brain candy, but I did
  • Write a song with le husband
  • House train the rabbit bunny died 1/17/10
  • Buy another camera Nope. But I got a new lens.
  • Lead a photography workshop (not necessarily paid) Done! Had it May 1!
  • attend a pro photo meetup Does coordinating Help-Portrait in my area count?
  • Find someone to mentor
  • Get away for a weekend with the husband pictures here
  • Learn to solve a Rubik's cube without any help
  • Can homemade jam
  • Make 90% of my Christmas gifts
  • Send Christmas cards! and they were awesome!
  • finally get new business website up
  • meet galadarling


joy said…
Good luck with the bunny training. :(

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