the new yellow coat makes its debut

the yellow coat goes on an outing
I love my coat. If it had all its buttons I would seriously consider wearing it as a dress. But alas, since it dosn't, I'll content myself with throwing it over artful layers and affecting that jaunty "casually unbuttoned in the dead of winter because I LIKE it this way" look.
For what it's worth, this outfit started as something much more pedestrian, involving no striking black and white OR red lips. Aren't we all glad I had a last-minute change of heart? The red lipstick, I confess, is an homage to le Porkchop, since she doesn't think I wear glamour often enough.
The dress is a bit more square than I usually wear, leaving me waistless. However, it's houndstooth, which is just ineffably cool. And it has those super-cool black panels on the sides that make me look narrower. Maybe. I'll keep telling myself that.

black and white houndstooth vintage dress: thrifted
black and white vintage necklace on left wrist: flea market
white bangles on right wrist: ebay
black turtleneck: thrifted
awesomely wild black tights: ebay
black boots: christmas gift
yellow leather coat: thrifted
red lipstick: Red Lizard by NARS


Sven said…
Good Job! :)
Sven said…
Good Job! :)
Anonymous said…
The properties leaves, what that
Anonymous said…
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