how to: punkify your shoes

So let's say you buy a pair of basic black sandals without even trying them on because hello: black sandals for $13 are not to be sneezed at. And while they have good lines, and should work in theory (hello, 4 inch heels!), when I put them on they just felt...not me. So I got to work.

Enter the metal studs. These were the only ones I could find at the local craft store (Michaels) so these are what I tried. I started with one packet of 200 for about $4, even quantities of gold and silver. I was only using the silver. (We have gold studs all over the apartment now.)

And these were brought to you by...wait for it....Bedazzler. I KNOW. I comfort myself with the knowledge that they contained no tag.

The holes were part of the sandal design, and they worked beautifully for placing the studs. I started with sets of two, and added the alternating one when I decided it just needed MORE. Now, I did start by punching them in with my fingers, which worked, but I could only do a few at a time before my fingers were too sore to work. So when le husband handed me a pair of pliers, things went much more quickly.

The finished project! It took about 100 studs per shoe, and about an hour each once I had the pliers. I like very much.


joy said…
Brilliant! I'm seriously impressed by your craftiness. Clearly, a childhood full of 1970's era CRAFT magazine was not wasted.
JULIE said…
Very cool!! I likes!!

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