whiM: what happiness it's Monday!

Um, I'm tired and I have a deadline to meet, but here are some things that make me super-happy to see this week:
  • We're going to Ohio this weekend! It's my youngest sister-in-law's 16th birthday this weekend, so we're driving out for her party, which has a theme of YELLOW. It's surprisingly hard to find in stores right now.
  • I've made a lot of progress on projects for le business lately, despite my crazy work schedule. Woot!
  • Le husband has finished the closet! Is amazing! I have a wall of shoes!
  • We had a snow day this weekend, and I made a mississippi mud cake. Yummm.
For now that's enough. I'm ready for the weekend to be here, and early next week I get to go to Ikea and buy things for my house! woooo!

Also: I don't know if you saw the Grammys last night, but this performance by Pink was amazing. Absolutely breathtaking.


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