wednesday wonderfulness

hello, lovelies! This is going to be short: it's been crazy at work the past week or so, preparing for the regional manager's visit. So time has been short. BUT I'M OFF TOMORROW. Much happiness! Anyway, enjoy.


fleur_delicious said…
wow, that ad campaign ... I have to tell you, at the end of the quarter, when my students are bitching about having had to read 6 plays in 10 weeks (SERIOUSLY. That's like ONE week of homework in a quarter), I start to get pretty tired of the "go underachievers! smart people are losers!" mentality that's being preached to our youth.

Also, "smart critiques. stupid creates?" I call bs. It takes a lotta smarts to be creative.

ugh, sorry. Just so damned tired of America stigmatizing intelligence. It's not even original. It's just ... stupid.
Johanna said…
random: I know the dark haired guy in the sideways people Diesel ad. Funny, huh?

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