state of the shoes

So I forget why, but yesterday I felt the need to pull up this post, in which I photographed most of my shoes. Which then made me pull out my current shoes and photograph them. Which made me realize: I'm missing a bunch. They're still packed up SOMEWHERE. But my number of flats has definitely gone down, and my average heel height has decidedly gone up.
pairs of black boots: 5 (not all are pictured)
pairs of black open toed pumps: 3
pairs of orange shoes: NONE. This needs fixed.
number of pairs not shown: unknown


Anonymous said…
Oh my, looks pretty, but do you really need all of them?
VDOprincess said…
Absolutely not. But "needing" is not why women buy shoes. I buy them because they are beautiful and lovely.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, Laura, children are walking barefoot in Africa and they CERTAINLY would want a pair of high heeled suede grey booties.
Sarah said…
That was me. And that was tongue in cheek.
It's so much easier being a don't need shoes in 60 colors or 60 styles.

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